HPL Furniture Panels

HPL furniture panels are high-pressure structural HPL plastic made from multiple sheets of special film. The ability to apply decorative coating on both sides makes this material ideal for finishing:

– Kitchen countertops

– Wall panels

– Partitions and booths in bathrooms

– Cabinet doors

– Laboratory furniture manufacturing

– Furniture facades production

This product is specially designed for high humidity areas and high load places. HPL furniture panels are characterized by high strength, wear resistance, and structural hardness.


Кухонные столешницы
Kitchen Countertops

Медицинская мебель
Medical furniture
Входные группы
Entrance groups
Учебные заведения
Educational institutions

Advantages of Arcobaleno® HPL plastic

Strength The strength of HPL is determined by its composition. "Arcobaleno" plastics are produced using high-quality raw materials from European market leaders, meeting advanced global standards.
Durability and Wear Resistance "Arcobaleno" HPL maintains an attractive appearance and high resistance to wear, scratches, boiling water, and household dirt throughout its long service life.
Environmentally Friendly HPL plastic does not contain or emit harmful substances even when heated. The plastic surface can come into contact with food products.
Hydro-Technical Resistance To check for hydrothermal resistance, the front surface of the sample is subjected to the action of steam from boiling water for 1 hour, after which it is inspected. There should be no traces left on the sample after the test. Each batch of HPL is tested in the laboratory of the Samara Plant of Laminated Plastics for compliance with the declared characteristics.
Disposal Standard No special measures or conditions are required for the disposal of HPL; national or local standards are sufficient.
Fire Resistance "Arcobaleno" HPL plastics are not prone to melting. Despite being made from paper, the ignition temperature exceeds 600°C.
Vandal Resistance HPL plastics are easily cleaned from graffiti, sealants, and sealants. It is ideal for interior finishing of public transport, industrial, and civil objects.
Hygiene The smooth surface of the plastic without pores makes cleaning easy. Surface cleaning can be done with household detergents. Low porosity and ease of cleaning prevent the multiplication of bacteria, mold, and microorganisms.