HPL Facade Panels

Arcobaleno® HPL facade panels have established themselves as self-supporting structural materials with high strength, wear resistance, moisture resistance, and fire resistance, making them an excellent choice for finishing building facades and interior surfaces during construction.

Ventilated Facades

Advantages of Arcobaleno® HPL Facade Panels

Strength The strength of HPL is determined by its composition. Arcobaleno® plastics are produced using high-quality materials from European market leaders, meeting advanced global standards.
Durability and Wear Resistance Arcobaleno® HPL plastic has a long service life, maintaining its attractive appearance, high resistance to wear, scratching, boiling water, and household dirt.
Fire Resistance Arcobaleno® HPL plastics do not melt. Despite being made from paper, the ignition temperature exceeds 600°C.
Vandal Resistance HPL plastics are easily cleaned from graffiti, sealants, and adhesives, making them ideal for interior finishing in public transport, industrial, and civil structures.
Hygienic The smooth surface of the plastic without pores facilitates maintenance. Surface cleaning can be done with household detergents. Low porosity and ease of cleaning prevent the proliferation of bacteria, mold, and microorganisms.
UV Resistance HPL does not react to ultraviolet radiation. The decor pattern does not fade under direct sunlight exposure.