HPL Plastic for Shipbuilding


Thanks to its resistance to moisture, salt, ultraviolet rays, and low flammability, HPL plastic is used as a finishing material in the production of cabins and furniture in shipbuilding.

Nuclear icebreakers, cruise liners, riverboats, yachts, and boats, due to the use of HPL plastic in their design, look beautiful and stylish.

Deluxe Cabin Interior
Luxury Cabin Interior
Washroom Finishing

HPL plastic “Arcobaleno” in shipbuilding is used as cladding for furniture panels, doors, and partitions. As finished products, it is used in countertops, headboards, and interior elements.


Russian Maritime Register of Shipping Type Approval Certificate

Material Flammability Group G1 Certificate of Compliance with ISO 9001

Russian River Register Certificate

Confirmation of Bactericidal Effect

Arcobaleno Laminated Plastics Plant